Reviews for Farm Girl

A startlingly lovely memoir about how things die, how things grow, and how we reap what we sow...even when we might wish differently. Baxter’s language is as rich as the soil she tends; it will be a joy to see how she blossoms in her career. - Jodi Picoult, #1 NYT bestselling author of THE BOOK OF TWO WAYS

"This is a book about groundedness, I think — about the soil into which one can sink one's feet when the going is impossible. It's a remarkable account.” - Bill McKibben, author of RADIO FREE VERMONT

This book explores entanglements: with others, with the Earth, with our expectations. Baxter is indeed a farm girl, but she is also keen observer, a fine prose stylist, and a writer who marries the impulses of the head and the heart. There is deep sentiment in this book, but it never tips over the line into sentimentality. Farm Girl is too clear-eyed for that. From cultivating strawberries to trying to heal an addicted boyfriend, Baxter chronicles her journey in language that speaks with an emotional clarity certain to resonate with readers. - Sue William Silverman, author of HOW TO SURVIVE DEATH AND OTHER INCONVIENCES

In a world of needs, those of our own as well as those of others, needs whose pursuit and fulfillment illuminate paths to becoming who we’re meant to be, how do we choose which need to meet, which path to walk? The question lies at the heart of Farm Girl, an exquisite debut memoir by the award-winning essayist and poet Megan Baxter. In oscillating passages reflecting the demands for her devotion, she chronicles with visceral eloquence the heart-wrenching tension she experienced over a tumultuous year between her makeup-and-pearls college life in Oregon with her troubled boyfriend, and her dirt-on-the-knees farm life in Vermont whispering her home, all in writing as clear and honest and true as water. Megan Baxter is a writer to watch. —Robert Braile, former environmental correspondent and book critic, THE BOSTON GLOBE

An expertly rendered memoir of land, loss, and love. Farm Girl confronts and ultimately celebrates the beautiful, painful complexity of both the earth and the human heart. - Stephanie Anderson, author of ONE SIZE FITS NONE: A FARM GIRL’S SEARCH FOR THE PROMISE OF REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE

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